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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New !! Mothercare, Gap,Oshkosh, CK Places USA, George and moree

Mothercare pre-walker baby ( Age 6-18mnth)
Retail Price : RM30

Mothercare prewalker baby ( Age 6- 18mnth)
Retail Price: RM30

Mothercare prewalker boys (Age 6-18mnth)
Retail Price: RM30

Disney prewalker baby (6-18mnth)
Retail Price: RM30

Adidas color shoes (Age 9 to 24mnth)
Retail Price : RM48

Back view

Superb quality

Yellow colorful, Retail Price: RM48

back vie

Superb condition

Oshkosh baby set 3 in 1
Retail Price : RM39

Calvin Klein baby set 3 in 1 with cap
Retail Price: RM39

Near view

Oshkosh set baby 3 in 1
Retail Price : RM39

Place USA dress flowery ( Age 1-5ys)
Retail Price: RM25

Place USA dress (Age 1-4ys)
Retail Price: RM25

Magic Zone boggy dress (Age 12 -2ys)
Retal Price: RM25

George full dress greeny (Age 7 -12ys)
Retail Price : RM35

George full dress pinky ( 7ys -12 ys)
Retail Price: RM35

Burberry London dress (Age 1 - 5ys)

Retail Price: RM45

Blue color

Oshkosh rompers for baby

Retail Price : RM22

Near view

Gap for age 3 - 7ys (Green)

Retail Price: RM29

Gap for age 3 - 7ys (red)

Retail price: RM29

Gap for age 3 - 7ys (Purple)

Retail Price: RM29

Place USA age 4 - 8ys (blue
Retail Price RM29

Greeny RM29

Brown RM29

Original Levis kids for age 12 -24 mnth

Retail Price: RM39

Near view

Gap original jeans for kids 3 - 5ys

Retail price: RM45

Straight cut design

Mothercare long pants codroy for boy and girls (Age 2 - 5 ys)

Retail Price: RM49

Nice fabric

Intersted ? Pls call or sms me 0192540046 (Keyroll) for retail and wholesale

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