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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New !! Fisher Price, Soft toys Carters, Carters diapers bag, dress faded glory, Places, Disneystore, Cherokee, Codroy Places,

Baby 1st book Sesame Streets by Fisher Price
Retail Price: RM29

For your baby (9-18mnth)

Just One Year by Carters soft toys original with music for babies.
Retail Price: RM38

With tag

Carters original diapers bag (Orange/white)
Retail Price : RM90

Front view with quality item.

Inside view

Color ( Blue/orange)

Original adn quality

Set of diapers baby by Carters
Retail Price: RM140

Carters label

Set Baby pants (girl) by Carters Just One year

Retail Price: RM20 per set of 2 pcs

Set baby pant (boy) by Carters Just One Year

Retail Price: RM20 with pair of 2 pcs

Places original long pants codroy (Age 18mnth -3ys)

Retail Price: RM38 each for girl

Light brown

Color black

Near view

Cherokee tees for girl ( Age 3,4,5,6 ys)

Retail Price: RM15 for blue

Red color

Retail Price: RM15

Color white

Retail Price: RM15

Set of Disneystore dress and pants (Age 4ys only)

Retail Price: RM20 per set

Places dress purple (Age 12mnth - 3ys)

Retail Price: RM30

Places dress pinky (Sz 2-3ys only)

Retail Price: RM25

Blue sea color, Retail : RM25

Faded Glory Urban dress black, (Age 12 -2ys)

Retail Price: RM29

George dress for girl (Age 12 - 3ys)

Retail Price: RM30

Carters dress for girl (Age 12 -3 ys)

Retail Price: RM29

Interested ? Please cal or sms me (0192540046) for detail, order and wholesale price.

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