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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New !! Original Oshkosh dress, Zara pants, Carter set rompers wit sock, Burberry London shirt, Mac & Co, Polo Ralph Lauren, Place Pyjamas

Original Set Guess for boys, Age 12, 18 and 24 mnth
Retail Price RM 65

Near view

Original levis for girl , Age 12 mnth to 6 ys
Retail Price RM55
Back view

Near view

BEAUTY HANDMADE baby booties, Age 12 mnth below, mix design

Side view

With package

Set of Carters rompers wit sock
Retail Price RM 59

Original Polo Ralph Lauren colar shirt, Age 4 to 7 ys
Retail Price RM 49

Full View

Original pinky oshkosh dress, Age 1 to 5ys
Retail Price RM 49

Original butterfly Oshkosh dress, Age 1 to 5ys
Retail price RM49
Dress view

Mac & Co overall( Mac & Spencer),,age 9 mnth to 24 mnth
Retail Price RM 55

Burberry London shirt, Age 2 to 6 ys (Maroon color)
Retail Price RM35

Burberry London shirt , Age 2 to 6ys ( Pink color)

Front view

Front View

Original Zara pants cargo style, Age6-9, 9-12,12-18, 24mnth

Retail Price RM 40

Back view ( avaiable color dark blue and green)

Set of Place pyjamas , Age 2 ys only for girl
Retail Price RM25

Interested? Plz sms or cal me for booking and order.
For wholesale price n small biz, pls sms or call me (0192540046)

P/S: Please dont email..i will be late reply. Just cal and sms.

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