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Monday, March 8, 2010

New !! Mothercare, Adam kids, Oshkosh leging, Carters jeans, Levis boys jeans, Ferrari, Burberry London, Ferrari, Ralph Lauren,

Burberry London dress with belt, Age 3 to 6 ys
Retail Price: RM50

Mothercare dress, age 3-6,6-9,9-12 mnth
Price: RM39

Mothercare dress tops, Age 6 to 12 mnth
Price: RM39

Mothercare dress tops, Age 6 to 18 mnth
Retail price RM39

Adam kids dress , Age 3 to 12 mnth
Retail price RM 39

Burberry London dress pink, age 1 to 5 ys
Retail price: RM 45

Burberry London jumper, Age 6 to 18mnth
Retail price: RM 38

Oshkosh leging with embron, Age 2 to 5 ys
Retail price RM 20

Old Navy leging pants, Sz 6 mnth to 4 ys
Retail price: RM10

Carters jeans for girl, Age 18 mnth to 4 ys
Retail price: RM45

Ori Levis jeans for boys, Age 2 and 3ys
Retail price RM 55

Hacket London kids, Age 2 to 5ys
Reatil Price RM 50

Back View

Ferrari backview ( Full embron)

Ferrari kids, Age 1 to 5 ys ( full embron)

Retail Price RM 40

Polo Ralph Lauren kids, back view ( Full embron)

Polo Ralph Lauren 3 Horses, Age 1 to 5ys

Retail price RM40

Ori Gap shirt, age 2 to 4ys,

Retail Price RM 30

Interested ? Please call or sms for detail !! Those who wanna buy wholesale price and setup a small business, please sms and call me (0192540046). Happy viewing !!!

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